DESCRIPTION: Calanica Nero D’Avola/Merlot I.G.T.

BRAND: Duca Di Salaparuta

VOL: 13.5%

PACK: 6x75cl




The group consists of 3 historic brands representing Sicily throughout the world: Corvo and Duca Di Salapatura, established in 1824, and Florio established in 1833.

Duca Di Salapatura

Duke of Salaparuta – Duca di Salaparuta tells, in an ever new and seductive way, the most interesting aspects of his homeland.
From the choice of particularly suitable territories, the properties were born: Suor Marchesa a Riesi, Risignolo a Salemi and Vajasindi on the slopes of Etna.
Also from projects related to the land of Sicily are innovative experiments, some now become true icons like Duca Enrico, the first Nero d’Avola in purity, while others represent new and interesting enological challenges such as Nawàri, the first Pinot Noir of Etna.
Each Duca di Salaparuta wine is therefore an expression of the individual territories and of a long winemaking tradition, but it is also a true, elegant and unique style of life immediately recognizable.

Duca Di Salaparuta – Calanica Nero D’Avola/Merlot I.G.T.

Blended nero d’avola and merlot. Aged for 12 months in glazed cement vats and 2-3 months after bottling. Deep and bright ruby red. Intense with notes of ripe fruit. Warm and velvety with sensations of black cherries and an elegant tannin. Good structure, dry.
Serve: 16-18 ̊C

Suggest: Red meat, semi-mature cheeses, main courses.