SINCE 1983

The company was formed with the intention of importing the finest Italian provisions and distributing them to the Italian Retail and Food service trade. Success was achieved by association with strong brands. Today we are proud to be associated with such prestigious companies as: De Cecco, Negroni, La Molisana, Auricchio, Bauli, Cafè do Brasil, Cirio etc. As the market evolved, Annessa moved more and more into the Food Service sector and received an ever increasing demand for Italian wines and spirits. Today we are an important supplier of Italian Foods and Wines in to the Food Service Industry. We deal with such suppliers of wine as: Tinazzi, Vignali Roccamora, Genagricola, Rocca delle Macie, Zaccagnini, Borgo Magredo, Mottura, Marisa Cuomo, etc.


Annessa Imports distributes with own fleet of vehicles and distribution staff, thus giving a personalised service. Greater London deliveries are done on a daily basis. In the South of England (i.e. All areas South of Birmingham) we deliver on a weekly basis. In addition, we supply a network of wholesale customers throughout the UK. – SALES – Currently the company has circa 2000 active sales accounts. The company has 11 sales people who visit accounts on a weekly basis to inform customers of any promotions or new products. This is reinforced by a telesales team who contact customers on a next day delivery service basis.